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How Should Candidates Use The Extra Time During COVID-19 To Further Their Success?

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The government has postponed all or most of the competitive exams as the whole country is in distress, grappling with the second wave of COVID-19. The delayed schedule has added to the panic and uncertainty and has become a cause for concern. But this extra time they receive due to the emergence and spread of COVID-19 can be used productively if the students invest their effort and time in rightly planning their preparation activities. This blog intends to help those aspiring to ace competitive exams by effective management of their time and by reducing the anxiety that they endure due to the postponement of exams.

Plan your routine

Rolling out a preparation plan would help you in reducing the stress and anxiety at the end. This would help you in managing the time effectively and in covering the entire syllabus. You can prepare the schedule at a higher level of granularity, say what you wish to cover on a particular day and how you would prepare chapters in each subject along with a detailed time frame. Some topics might require more time while some could be easy and might require only a minimal time. You may choose to allow your productive time slot to prepare those chapters and subjects that you feel are difficult. Having a detailed plan might help you in effectively managing the extra time that you have got.

Take up online mock tests

Taking more online mock test series might help you in completing the exam on time and thus further the probability of scoring full marks in the competitive exam. (Also read about how to score full marks in engineering maths) Your speed improves with practice as with more mock tests and you get used to handling the pressure and stress during the main examination. Because the duration of disruption from COVID-19 is unknown and uncertain, you may utilize the extra time in practicing more.

Build a calm study space

Establish a space for yourself where there is no distraction from outside. Because learning and practicing are more dependent on online courses and e-learning platforms these days, it is important that your study space has good internet and mobile connectivity. Choose a space that is clean, has adequate lighting, and has room for fresh air to flow through. Also, make sure that you do not discuss with your counterparts on the competitive exam preparation strategy and plans. Each of you may have a different plan and trying to adapt their strategy may not work well for you. Go ahead with assessing your strengths and weaknesses and planning your routine accordingly.

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Stay away from negativity 

Do not compromise your health at any cost. Stay calm, relax yourselves, sleep more, and most importantly stay within the bounds of your home. At a time when isolation and quarantine stories exhaust the mind and body, you can look up to joining online meditation courses, fitness programs, etc., and consume nutritious food to constantly rejuvenate yourself. Negative information and news create panic in your mind and this slows down the pace of your preparation. Remain positive throughout and concentrate your effort in preparing your mind and body to ace the exam. Remember that negativity and anxiety during the unprecedented hit of COVID-19 impacts both your physical and mental well-being.

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