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How To Score Under 100 Ranks In GATE 2022 Examination?

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Are you preparing for your GATE 2022 exam and willing to top the exam under 100 ranks?

You have landed in right place. It is important to avoid common mistakes during exam preparation and implement effective habits that help you to bring a good rank in the GATE exam. Let's learn more about the techniques to score top ranks in your GATE 2022 exam.

How to score under 100 ranks in GATE 2022 exam

Scoring good marks in competitive exams is not a big deal if you know the science behind it. The strategies are not rocket science but the things you know already but do not know how to implement and how it affects.

Below are the important things you need to follow for scoring under 100 ranks in the GATE 2022 exam, which is found most common among toppers and yet important.

Basic and core concepts

It is important for every student that their basics and core concept of the subjects are very clear in their mind because it helps in understanding very easily.

In exams nothing new is asked to the students it is just twisted in a way that the students are not able to understand and all this comes down to the basic foundation of the concept.


Revision is the most crucial part that almost every student does not give importance to and end up forgetting the concepts they learned a few months back. Then if it is revised on regular basis, you do not need to put extra effort in understanding it but if you only revise during exams then you have to put in hours to understand the same thing.

As researches show that we only retain 20% of what we study revising an important part of the schedule becomes beneficial in scoring a top rank in the exams.

Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude

The most common questions come from these two topics and can bring you a good score and rank.

And many students are not able to practice or weak at it which affects their score. Maths and General Aptitude require practice to solve problems on daily basis to get better at it.

Solving Previous year questions

Indeed, questions do not repeat in competitive exams but Previous year questions plays an important role in almost doubling your marks.

Because solving previous year's questions helps you the pattern of exams and get familiar in solving their type or approach to questions and also helps in building the concepts of that topics.

It is a great way to get insight into the paper which you will be giving.

Practice and mock tests

Many students find it difficult to practice regularly making it tough for them to do the sums at the time of exams even if they are good at it as we all know practice makes a man perfect.

A mock test is the best strategy to know your other mistakes before exams such as time taken on questions and silly mistakes which you can avoid during the GATE exam.

It also helps in building confidence the more questions you solve more confidence you build.

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