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How To Stay Focused For The Exam Preparation?

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It is a very common concern for students to get distracted and lose focus while preparing for exams. If you’re someone who gets distracted easily and tends to lose concentration and focus, these tips may be of help.

Create a timetable

Once you have gained familiarity with the syllabus and awareness of what you should be preparing for the exam, the next step is to jot down the preparation plan and the timetable. It is nearly impossible to study all the subjects at a stretch. Prepare a comprehensive, hourly plan and also try to make it as realistic as possible. For example, if you have planned to allocate one hour to prepare for Mathematics, take a 10 minutes break to talk to your friends, to take a walk or to relax. Of course, you can take some flexibility as you go ahead, but having a tentative schedule would help you to set a routine.

Organize yourself to minimize distractions

Try to get rid of distractions so as to sharpen your focus. Organize your study space such that there is a high level of silence, tidiness, light, ventilation, etc. Setting your study space right and ensuring that it is comfortable may help you minimize distraction, unlike a highly cluttered space. Apart from minimizing physical distractions also work on reducing your television time, the time that you spend on social media, the internet, etc. to focus on exam preparation.

Set milestones and self-assessment schedules

List your objectives, goals by asking questions to yourself. Set your milestones such that they ease the exam preparation process and accelerate the process to help you achieve your goals. You can assess yourself periodically to understand where exactly you stand in terms of your objectives. During competitive exam preparation, you can take up mock tests to get more practice. This would help you understand your weakness and in sharpening your focus towards overcoming the weaknesses during exam preparation.

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Prioritize yourself and exams before anything else during exam preparation

It is not that you have to stop all your social interactions and activities, but that you have to cut down spending time and money on non-essentials among them. Say if you are used to watching one movie every day, you can limit it to one movie a week or if you are used to visiting a nearby park every day, you can restrict your visits to twice or thrice a week. Master the art of saying ‘NO’ to those activities that may distract you, like a friend requesting your company to a cinema, or to hang around.

Keep yourself healthy and stay hydrated. Avoiding junk food, maintaining a well-balanced diet with nutritious intake, and drinking plenty of water might help you to keep your brain focused and active all the time during exam preparation. You can also think of organizing a study session with like-minded friends. By doing this it becomes easy to exchange knowledge and information, clarify doubts, and would help you learn together.

By following the above tips, you can easily stay focused on your objectives, remain confident throughout, and spearhead your efforts towards attaining your goals during exam preparation. 

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