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How To Use Social Media For Exam Preparation?

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Penetration of smart gadgets and the internet has accelerated the adoption of social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. have evolved to become a primary mode of communication among the millennials. Establishing a strong digital footprint and building a personal brand on social media has become imperative. The benefits and opportunities that social media offers when put to use judiciously are immense. By bringing together students, teachers, and educational institutions under a single umbrella, social media has also become a primary education and learning platform. A survey reveals that a college student spends 3.6 on average on their smartphones and that they spend a major part of their time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This blog articulates the ways to help students leverage social media for exam preparation.

Advantages of social media for students

Wide exposure - Students get an opportunity to broaden their exposure as they can establish a connection and learn from anyone in the world. They get access to a wide range of notes, video materials, and ideas on the social media platform. They can access various courses offered by universities from across the globe within seconds and choose to avail online courses from top-grade institutions and universities.

Better engagement and learning - On social media students can network and learn on their own. They can take up online courses from e-learning websites and can share study materials through social media platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, etc. They can create discussion forums to take forward their learnings and to clarify their doubts.

Access to the job market - LinkedIn has evolved to become a primary medium for companies to hire interns and professionals. By building a credible profile and by updating it constantly students gain visibility in the job market.

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How does social media help in exam preparation?

Curating the study materials - social media helps students in accessing study materials, tools, learning resources, and online courses, that might help them in competitive exam preparation and in acing the competitive examination.

Facilitate group discussions - Students are free to initiate forums, create groups and take part in discussions of their interest. This could benefit students who are into competitive exam preparation.

Easy sharing of information - Students can share the available information with their network at the click of a mouse. By doing so, they can easily share practice questions, study materials, resources, class notes, video tutorials, book lists, etc. which would be of immense help during their competitive exam preparation.

Access to online classes and tools - Ever-increasing digital adoption and emergence of COVID-19 has accelerated migration from conventional classroom learning and blackboard teaching to online learning. Thus, without migrating to other cities to prepare for competitive examinations, students can access the best of learning courses and materials online. This reduces the time and cost requirements and as all such institutes aim to build a social media presence, it becomes easier for students to figure out a course that aligns with their learning objective.

Learning at ease - Social media has made learning more fun and exciting by enabling easy and creative dissemination of information in the most appealing format- say infographics, videos, pictures, etc. that are easily perceivable by the students preparing for competitive exams.

Increased awareness - Social media has narrowed the world that you get to know all at one search. Most of the students lacked awareness of different courses and universities before the penetration of social media. But now that social media has reached every corner of the world, students aiming to take up competitive exams can learn in-depth about the courses offered, the most promising courses, and expected outcomes in their subject of interest. This would help students in accelerating their exam preparation activities.

Though social media is often quoted as a distraction for young students, it has the ability to ease their exam preparation and to take them to newer heights with a disciplined and judicious usage.

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