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Tips To Make Short Notes While Preparing For GATE

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Though it is a dream for engineering graduates to ace the GATE examination, a first glance at the syllabus and subjects send tingles over their spine that a majority of them develop a fear of failing. A well-planned preparatory schedule and a mastery in note-making come to the rescue of such students. Note-making is the easiest to learn as well as to recap and revise before the exam. Though a vast majority of students learn by taking notes, they know very little about doing it systematically, effectively, and efficiently.

Taking notes may help irrespective of whether a student is preparing directly from what is taught in classrooms, or on their own or from attending extra coaching classes. Here are some hacks, tips, and tricks that might help you take notes effectively during GATE online courses or self-preparation and excel in the final GATE examination.

Jot Down Only the Important Points

The very purpose of taking notes while preparing for the GATE exam is to save the information that is most needed at a later point or while doing a revision. Do not write down everything that you listen or read. Write only the essential points, formulae, theory, concept, etc. So, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the subject before you make notes. Read the book twice or thrice so as to understand what is important for the GATE examination and then make a note of the same.

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Use Bullets and Color Pens to Improve Visualization

To represent your thoughts and concepts in a visually appealing format as you prepare for the GATE exam, using bullets and colors could help. It is not about 15 different colors but about using two or three shades would help in remembering and revising the notes effortlessly.

Make an Outline Using Charts and Flow Diagrams

Do not copy directly from the book but use your own, short, succinct sentences to make notes to prepare for the GATE examination. You may use abbreviations, labels, symbols, charts, and flow diagrams to create an outline of the concept, formula or theory.  This might be of immense help as it captures and presents the big picture and reduces the time required to do revision.

Try Making Digital Notes

There are a lot of apps available to support note-taking while doing online classes. You may choose Notion, Ever Note, Apple Notes, Google Keep, etc. and they are very easy to revise when compared to using the conventional notebooks.  They are handy and you can search, review and revise using a phone or a laptop. This could work for the GATE exam as it is conducted online.

Leave Plenty of Space on Each Page

Because you may choose to add in between the GATE exam preparation process as you come across new concepts and ideas, leave enough space on each page to add sub-points. You may also consider using a loose-leaf notebook as you do not have to consume the whole notebook but just that particular sheet.

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